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PS 231: Strategic Models

In Fall 2021, I'll be teaching PS 231 (Strategic Models). As in Fall 2020, it will feature a flipped classroom. The syllabus can be found here.

Lecture 01: Encoding the World

This one covers some of the basics of sets, functions, and logic.

Lecture 02: Contemplative & Competent

This one introduces rational choice theory via utility functions, binary preference relations, and choice mappings.

Lecture 03: Uncertainty

This one introduces the notion of a lottery and of expected utility.

Lecture 04: Risk

This one covers preferences over lotteries, risk aversion, and the von Neumann and Morgenstern axioms.

Lecture 05: Bargaining & Optimality

This one introduces the notion of Pareto optimality and characterizes a rudimentary bargaining problem.

Lecture 06: Games

This one introduces strategic-form games by way of many examples.